Pool and spa opening and closing service

Pool and spa opening

We offer this service for all the Montérégie-Ouest region.

Prices displayed are valid within a 40 km radius. Outside this perimeter, an extra fee is applicable.

Pool and spa closing

Take note that the prices displayed on our site may differ if any additional service is required.

A fee will be added for late registrations to the pool and spa closing service.

In addition to the rates indicated above, the closing accessories will be charged (unless you bought your pool this year with Trévi Châteauguay).

At the closing appointment moment, be sure to give the following items to our technician: styrofoam, extensions, ethafoam rope, plugs, wintering Gizzmo; Additional fees will be charged for missing accessories.

Upon reservation of this service, the complete payment will be required.

Service request

Request for service of opening or closing a pool and spa